How do I refer a friend and benefit from it?

There are 2 ways to benefit from referring a friend:

With our referral program. You receive a link that you may share in different ways and as many times as you wish. See conditions:

  • The currency of our store is CAD
  • The referred friend must spend at least CAD 30.00 and above at our store
  • The reward will be sent 7 days after the friend’s purchase and will represent 25% of his/her order value
  • You will be rewarded for the friend’s 1st purchase only
  • You will be rewarded for every 1 referred purchase your individual friends bring in


The other way is through our Loyalty Program:

In order to receive chips when referring a friend, you must follow these steps.

Step 1: log into your Loyalty account.

Step 2: Send them the referral link. Step 1  Step 2


Unless you follow these steps, Chips will not be credited to you account.

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