Trade Secrets, Proprietary, and Confidential Information

We often receive questions related to trade secrets, proprietary, and confidential information. As much as we want to be transparent with our customers, there are certain things we cannot openly disclose. There are certain things that we do not mind disclosing, if we feel that you may be entitled to obtain the answer for specific reasons. International or professional athletes, health practicians, coaches or nutritionists may have very good reasons for asking confidential information and, we understand it. 

Exchanging that kind of information needs to be done a within a mutually exclusive environment.  Consequently, anyone wanting to receive that kind of information, will have to fully disclose its real identity. It is a mutually disclosing agreement of some kind.

We have put in place a specific process. The first step is to complete the following form: 

Trade Secrets, Proprietary, and Confidential Information Request Form

Without completing the form, your email will unfortunately not be answered.

If you feel that you are entitled and need the information, simply complete the form and within 2 business days, one of our representatives will be in contact with you.



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